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Self Storage: Security

For many people Self Storage does come into the picture somewhere in the process of moving. There will be many instances where you plan to travel before moving into your new home or your new facility for the business is not yet ready. In all cases moving is not perfectly timed process and last minute delays become inevitable. For all these scenarios self storage is an option that bails you out. However while using storage facilities security plays a large role and it is something that cannot be compromised. Usually by default all storage facilities do have some optimum security planned for themselves and you even have choices to customize the storage security. However these facilities are not cheap.

In order to be smart and save money on your Self Storage you have to plan and pack accordingly right at the beginning itself so that later you do not regret that you have left out something. If you have precious possessions which need to be very safe then it is ideal to pack them separately so that when you demand for extra security you have all the precious belonging in one place. So the ideal thing for you would be to group things as per their importance and choose your storage security accordingly to save money. For items that are less valuable and other durables you can use basic storage.

Before blindly moving your stuff into the storage facility while Self Storage it is always a safer option to tour the facility first. You can check the procedure they use to secure your things and see what measures they take for security. Just think of it this way, when you have your belongings at home wouldn’t you make it a secure place and see that all security measures are taken to safeguard your home even while you are away. So think of the storage facility area also as a place equivalent to your home and think of measures you would take to secure such a place. Then compare the security measures that the storage facility is taking and whether you are satisfied with it. An ideal storage facility would be a place where you can keep all your belongings and then not think about it constantly or worry about it.

What are the security measures that a storage facility should have for Self Storage options? Typically any storage facility should be monitored with closed circuit televisions; they should have alarm systems installed all over. There should also be safety features for fire hazards and smoke detectors all over. There should also be security guards 24/7 on the site for extra assurance. Some facilities also have red motion detectors and they are also very good in securing the place. Another thing to check is how you are allowed to access the storage facility. Some use ID cards to identify people, some provide swipe cards and some provide access codes. All these factors also help in determining how secure the place could be. Always insure your belongings before Self Storage.

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