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self moving

Self moving is an option people choose mainly to cut down on the moving cost. But cheap relocation does not mean that you have to sacrifice on the quality of service, however little you might need from professional companies. Forward planning is the key to a successful self-move. Plan everything weeks ahead and organize them one by one. Never leave anything till the last minute. In fact, organized self-movers start to acquire their packing materials weeks ahead of their actual moving. Start sorting out things which you would not carry either due to lack of space in your new accommodation or you simply do not need them anymore. Remember, relocation becomes easier when you have limited things to pack and move. Even your new house may look less cluttered if you decide to sell or throw many of the items which have no use anymore. Here are some more tips to make your self-move cheap, smart and tension-less:

One of the most important things to remember when you are self-moving is to decide on a relocation budget and stick to it no matter what happens. For instance, if you are flying by airplane, book your air tickets weeks in advance so that you get the best fares. If you have decided to opt for truck rental, remember there are inevitable costs like insurance, fuel, night stay, hotel expenses, and other exigencies. Take them into count and start to talk to various truck rental agencies weeks in advance. The other big issue faced by relocating people planning self-moving is the issue of packing. If you are not very young and have health problems, it is better to give the responsibility to professional packing labors as packing can be a strenuous exercise which could take a negative toll on your health. However, if your family feels confident to take on the exercise, your first job is to procure packing materials which includes moving boxes, frame boxes, packing tape, padding, mattress covers, bubble and stretch wrap, marker pens, labels etc. There are plenty of online packing suppliers who also teach you how to pack like a pro. The websites also carry a moving box calculator which can instantly show you how many packing boxes of what size you would need to accommodate your household goods. There are several sizes of moving boxes including kitchen boxes which are made extra tough to hold heavy kitchen utensils etc.

After you have finished packing, you have to load them on to a moving truck. This is also a physically strenuous exercise especially if you have a narrow staircase or your home is in a narrow lane where moving trucks can not be parked. Under such circumstances, it is best to take the help of professional loaders. In case you are not going to drive the moving truck, you could opt for self service moving companies or containerized moving companies where a moving and storage pod is left with you and they simply pick it up and deliver to your new address. Whichever way you decide to organize your self-move, make sure that you take enough number of moving quotes from the service providers so that you get the best and most cost-effective moving deal.