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 If you are planning to transport your standard passenger vehicle then you will surely want to investigate the types of car transport options that you have. There are several possibilities in the auto shipping industry of today provided to the discerning customer. The open multi-car transport system has actually become the most popular and economical option to move unrestored connector cars and the everyday vehicles. In most cases your vehicle would be conveyed on the ten or eight car carrier which are the basic trucks used to transport new vehicles. These trucks are nearly 13 feet high and around 75 to 80 feet long. They can actually be hard to manoeuvre and they are also limited to several major roads which are free of low clearance bridges and low handing trees. It is important that you are aware of this fact when you direct the truck to pick up your vehicle from this type of locations. Car Shipping and Transportation When the transporter talks about pick up window they generally refer to the time surrounding of your vehicle pick up date, like for example some auto shippers might have a fourteen day window and so they can pick up your vehicle anywhere between seven days after or before your actual pick up date. There are also low priced carriers who will not specify you the pick up dates but you might receive an excellent price. The discouraging thing is that you might not be able to seen your car for nearly three to four weeks. Choosing Cheap Car Transport Companies When you choose cheap car transport company make sure that the company shows proofs of their insure requirements and federal license. There are several shipping companies which do not carry a valid federal license, insure requirements or bond and will be ready to move your vehicle for a very low rate. However this will leave you unprotected against damage and theft. When you look around for inexpensive or cheap car transport services you should firstly confirm the total cost for shipping your vehicle would be, as this will help you find out if there are any hidden costs which might arise during transportation like the extra road insurance or fuel surcharges. As you request car shipping quotes from different auto shipping and car transportation companies you should be prepared to provide information like the starting location of your vehicle pick up, the type and size of your car, the departure date, the type of car shipping service you need like terminal to terminal or the door to door transport service. The terminal to terminal service is generally very cheaper and mostly chosen by people. When you opt for larger car shipping services or special car moving service will generally make you pay additional costs. However if your vehicle is not delivered on the right time and date then most of the cheap car transport companies will even repay some of your cash amount everyday towards the rental of automobile and so make sure you have your car shipping receipt.

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